A kingdom for little big ones.
And big little ones.

Your children’s dentist in Vreden.

A kingdom for little big ones.
And big little ones.

Your children’s dentist in Vreden.

A kingdom for little big ones.
And big little ones.

Your children’s dentist in Vreden.

A kingdom for little big ones.
And big little ones.

Your children’s dentist in Vreden.

We crown you king.

Healthy milk teeth are the basis for healthy permanent teeth. That is why we playfully show you how to brush and treat your teeth properly as soon as your first tooth has broken through. This is a first crucial step in laying the foundation for a healthy set of teeth throughout your life. We know that if your visit with us is a pleasant experience, fears do not even arise in the first place. Our staff is trained to ensure exactly that. We use child-friendly language that is easy to understand. And show you how to take care of your teeth with the help of puppets, toys, and a lot of humour. A visit to the dentist can be fun. You’ll see.

Where kids are treated
like royalty.

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Even riding in prams and strollers you have barrier-free access to our office.

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We speak English en nederlands, so everyone is more than welcome!

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Tooth-brushing lessons

Not only do we show you how to properly brush your teeth, but also how enjoyable it can be. First, you will get our “magic lemonade“. It will colour the dental plaque on your teeth. This way you will learn how best to remove it. During your first years of life, your parents brush your teeth for you. This is why we also teach them how to do it properly. And why dental care is crucial from the very first tooth.

Digital X-ray

Sometimes even kids’ teeth need to be x-rayed, because some things are invisible to the naked eye, even if we use special light and a mirror (e.g. your tooth and bone structure). Our digital X-ray system takes images with up to 90% less radiation exposure. Only seconds later, we can take a look at the results together. We bet you never thought your teeth extended that deep into your gums.

Tooth cleaning

Along with a good nutrition, a tooth cleaning is the most essential element for your oral health. Once or twice a year we professionally clean and polish your teeth, removing hard and soft dental plaque even from hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. Eventually, we seal your teeth with a fluoride varnish. And the good thing is that until your 18 years old, your health insurance usually covers the costs.

Tooth care

If one of your teeth is affected by tooth decay, we must treat it. We remove the caries, and fill the tooth with a filling or children’s crown. If you lose a tooth prematurely, we use a dental prosthesis or placeholder designed especially for kids. This way, your jaw can develop in a healthy manner, so that you can chew and laugh as usual. Once we have explained all options to you and your parents, we will together decide on the best treatment for your case.


For special cases, we have prepared a “magic sleeping draught”. It will make you take a little nap, with sweet dreams of knights or princesses; and when you wake up, your tooth is already fixed. Our magic potion is prepared by our experienced anaesthetist. He will be happy to answer all questions you might have and inform your parents about the available sedation options.


Whether your teeth stay healthy also depends on what you eat and drink. A lot of food contains hidden sugar. In addition, fruit acid can damage your tooth enamel. We advise you on tooth-friendly nutrition. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a treat once in a while. We just point out what you need to keep in mind, and what nutrients your teeth need to stay healthy.


If your teeth are crowding one another other or crooked, you cannot brush them properly and thus cannot protect them from tooth decay. Moreover, this can cause problems in your jaw. There are different braces that will help: visible, invisible, fixed, and removable, for very young children, teenagers… Of course, we will advise you on the best choice for your personal needs.

Dental sealants

Some teeth have deep grooves and pits (fissures) you cannot clean properly with your toothbrush. In such case, we can seal your little molars or milk teeth with a synthetic dental sealant. Every few years this sealant will be renewed. Bacteria don’t stand a chance anymore, and your teeth are reliably protected against tooth decay.

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